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An original song by Colleen McTigue and Bill Emery. Recorded December 2021 in Buffalo, NY. and Colorado Springs, CO //
Colleen McTigue - guitars, bass, keyboard // Bill Emery - trombones / Chris Wojtecki - baritone saxophone / Joshua Jones - Alto and Tenor saxophones / Richard Brown - trumpet


Verse 1:
I get a smile on my face, as I recall your embrace,
We made love every night, everything seemed so right,
I look back on that time, and it feels like a crime
When I look around, and you are nowhere to be found

Why don't you answer your phone, baby, I know you're there,
Don't leave me here all alone, I need to know you care,
Still I sigh for you, and I cry for you
I would die for you, can't say goodbye to you, oh, no.

Verse 2:
How could you leave me? Was I really so blind?
Did you deceive me? How could you be so unkind?
You've been gone so long, Please tell me what went wrong,
Was it me? Oh, babe was it me?

Is it real, this love that I feel?
How can I go on, was I so wrong?
How can I heal?