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Recorded in March 2022 at Green Mountain Studios in Colorado Springs (Randy Block, Sound Engineer) and mixed at Azealea Music Studios in Nashville (Fett, Mixing Engineer) featuring Chris Wojtecki (baritone sax), Josh Jones (tenor saxophone), Rich Brown (trumpet), Bill Emery (trombone and vocals), Jim Robertson (Guitar and backing vocals), Pam Steinberg (piano and backing vocals), Reed Ellenberger (bass), and Bobby McGuffin (drums).


(Do the) Colorado boogie. (Gotta) dance it with your honey.
(Do the) Colorado boogie. (You can) even make it funny.
Gotta get my two feet back to Colorado's blue skies now.

See it in the mountain peaks that rise beyond the cities.
See it in the sunshine that makes Columbines so pretty.
Feel it in the cool breath that you take first in the morning.
Feel it in the snow that comes in June and without warning.
Road signs say it's colorful but lie about the colors.
Colorado has you when you get to drink the water.

Hiking gravel trails where you slip and keep on sliding.
Careful not to go where any bears may be residing.
Colors of the aspen trees when Autumn comes a calling.
Fires burning inside when the snow is soft and falling.
Texas tourists all around, they're buying up the ranches.
Drivin’ in those mountains, don’t you think of making glances.

Steaming in the hot springs, may be sulphur that you're smellin'.
Springtime in the Rockies give you stories for retelling.
Skiing is so easy after taking a few classes.
Ride the lifts that take you up to views that need no glasses.
Pine trees always green, the Divide is to be seen.
Where there's water falls and trains to ride, you gotta go outside.