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Recorded September 2021 at Sunshine Studios, Colorado Springs, Colorado //
Engineering and mix/editing by Scott Steinberg //
Jim Robertson - Vocal , Guitar Bill Emery - Trombone / Chris Wojtecki - Tenor Saxophone / Richard Brown - Trumpet / Pam Steinberg - Piano/ Reed Ellenberger - Bass / Bobby McGuffin - Drums


I hear the blues is when she leaves you,
you think you'll go insane.
Each night you'll pray she comes home,
if she does you feel the same.
She tells me she could come home,
this time she swears she'll do me right.
I know the blues will still be lurkin'
in the dawn's early light.

Outside the snow is blowin',
the world feels cold and mean.
There's a story about two lovers on my TV screen.
I sit alone here wond'rin', will I ever get it right?
I know the blues will still be ragin'
in the dawn's early light.

Some days I think I'll just quit tryn', live my life alone.
Maybe I was meant to do this on my own.
I know the Lord's a healer,
in His time I'll be alright
though the tears may fall in darkness,
Joy comes with dawn's early light.