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Vocal by Chris Burke
Music performed by the Bill Emery Band
Lyrics by Stewart Lyman.
Music composed and arranged by Bill Emery.
Saxophones/Solo: Chris Wojtecki, Trumpets: Scott Walker, Trombones: Bill Emery, Piano/solo: Matt Podschweit, Guitar: Jim Robertson, Bass: Reed Ellenberger, Drums: Bobby McGuffin.
Recorded in Colorado Springs (CO) and Nashville (TN).
Recording engineer (Colorado Springs): Keagan Kellogg.
Mix/Mastering Engineer (Chicago, IL): Anthony Bassett.


Your sexy wink, that knowing smile,
The laugh that calls my name.
Cool cashmere clothes, soft skin that glows,
Sweet words that set my spirit aflame.

That wondrous day when we first met,
Who knew what lie in store.
We couldn't predict, how well we'd click,
Our feelings impossible to ignore.

We know where we've come from.
We're loving where we are.
Who knows where we'll go next.
Our love can take us far.

You brush my hand, the spark ignites,
Our love sidesteps cliché.
Safe and warm in your tender arms,
The world just falls away.